From our humble beginnings, Code for Change has experienced incredible growth. We are now running 9 successful IT Centres in communities and high schools across South Africa

The passion for ‘changing the world’ and helping youth escape the cycle of poverty is what drives the team to continue striving for more and better.

As a forward-thinking organization, innovation and ground-breaking approaches are the foundation of all our projects. In fact, the IT Centres are not only used as training facilities for unemployed youth but also as Community Learning Hubs where afternoon and weekend IT workshops are provided to students & educators, bringing schools and communities together.

Providing unemployed youth and high school students with tangible IT skills that enable them to find purposeful employment or to successfully further their education
Empowering educators and community leaders with the tools necessary for leading the youth of today
Awareness campaign for the need for Computer Science

Projects Overview
Change the World Trust uplifts communities and helps to eradicate poverty through Socio-Economic Development programs that give youth a second chance at life by equipping them with technology skills that will lead to a boost in their economic or academic activity.

These projects include:

  • Hour of Code National Campaign
  • Unemployed Youth IT Training Centers
  • High School IT Innovation Labs
  • Teacher Training Programs
  • Hands-on Coding Bootcamps